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Holly frowned. Opal is anything but negligent.”

‘Moron, said Opal casually. ”Our trail is on every television screen aboveground, and doubtless below it. Even if Artemis Fowl were not a genius, he would guess that I am behind the Zito probe.

Artemis shrugged. Genius, actually. It seems merely clever in hindsight, but the original idea was pure genius,”

‘Miss Koboi? said Mervall nervously.

Foaly ran the tape through a few filters without result. The strange blurred section refused to be sharpened, cloned, or shifted. That in itself was unusual. If the blurred spot was just computer glitchery, Foaly should have been able to do something about it. But the indistinct patch stood its ground, repelling everything Foaly threw at it.

Holly did so, using a thumb. The red light stayed red.

‘Holly! Go!

Artemis studied the locker with the X-ray panel before opening the door any wider. He was searching for any wires or circuits that might trigger secondary alarms. There was one. A circuit breaker attached to a portable Klaxon. It would be extremely embarrassing for any thief if the authorities were alerted by the raucous wailing of a foghorn. Artemis smiled. It seemed as though Crane and Sparrow had a sense of humor.


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