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what us city has the most sex offenders

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一 七六一年五月卅一日我忽得热病,缠绵床笫约一星期,身体颇觉痛苦。有一天我心中有了一个呼声,要我明白为什么我得遭受这种痛苦,并当如何获取教训,我立刻 想起我还在守着一些我所认为不对的习俗。当这种感觉在心中继续的时候,我觉得在我里面的一切力量都屈服于那赐给我生命的神手中,感谢祂以祂的惩罚抓住了 我,并觉得自己需要更进一步的洁净。现在我不急求健康的恢复,倒盼望先实现对我的改造。这样我处在谦卑忧伤中,逐渐进入于安静顺服的境界,并立刻觉得内在 本性之得到医治,从此日就康复。

  TO FRIENDS ON THE CONTINENT OF AMERICA: -DEAR FRIENDS, --In an humble sense of divine goodness, and the graciouscontinuation of God's love to His people, we tenderly salute you, and are atthis time therein engaged in mind, that all of us who profess the truth, asheld forth and published by our worthy predecessors in this latter age of theworld, may keep near to that Life which is the Light of men, and bestrengthened to hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering, thatour trust may not be in man, but in the Lord alone, who ruleth in the army ofheaven and in the kingdoms of men, before whom the earth is "as the dust of thebalance, and her inhabitants as grasshoppers" (Isa. xl. 22).

  Third day. -- He uttered the following prayer: -- "'O Lord, my God! theamazing horrors of darkness were gathered around me, and covered me all over,and I saw no way to go forth; I felt the depth and extent of the misery of myfellow-creatures separated from the divine harmony, and it was heavier than Icould bear, and I was crushed down under it; I lifted up my hand, I stretchedout my arm, but there was none to help me; I looked round about and was amazed.

  "A love clothes my mind while I write, which is superior to all expression;and I find my heart open to encourage to a holy emulation, to advance forward in Christian firmness. Deep humility is a strong bulwark, and as we enter intoit we find safety and true exaltation. The foolishness of God is wiser thanman, and the weakness of God is stronger than man. Being unclothed of our ownwisdom, and knowing the abasement of the creature, we find that power to arisewhich gives health and vigour to us."

  On the 9th I was at Rushworth. I have lately passed through some painfullabour, but have been comforted under a sense of that divine visitation which Ifeel extended towards many young people.

  Each of these Quarterly Meetings was large and sat near eight hours. I hadoccasion to consider that it is a weighty thing to speak much in large meetingsfor business, for except our minds are rightly prepared, and we clearlyunderstand the case we speak to, instead of forwarding we hinder business, andmake more labour for those on whom the burden of the work is laid. If selfishviews or a partial spirit have any room in our minds, we are unfit for theLord's work; if we have a clear prospect of the business, and proper weight onour minds to speak, we should avoid useless apologies and repetitions. Wherepeople are gathered from far, and adjourning a meeting of business is attendedwith great difficulty, it behoves all to be cautious how they detain a meeting,especially when they have sat six or seven hours, and have a great distance toride home. After this meeting I rode home.

回 家不久,我对于沿海一带朋友们情况的关怀与日俱增。一七四六年十月八日,经朋友们的一致赞同,我又离家,同行的有安得鲁斯彼得,即上次和我结伴旅行的安得 鲁斯的兄弟。我们沿着东海岸访问撒冷,梅依角,大小蛋港诸地朋友们的聚会处。我们出门二十二日,约略走了三百四十里路。

  In the winter of 1762 I laid my prospects before my friends at our Monthlyand Quarterly, and afterwards at our General Spring Meeting; and having theunity of Friends, and being thoughtful about an Indian pilot, there came a manand three women from a little beyond that town to Philadelphia on business.


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